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  • Piano System+I Rectangular and round ventilation ducts, pre-insulated with polyurethane foam

    ✓ Widely used in HVAC systems

    The system of double ducts with a layer of polyurethane foam insulation guarantees the highest durability, prevents heat loss, prevents condensation of water vapour on the surface of the ducts and effectively suppresses noise emitted by the airflow.

    ✓ The highest class of duct tightness – “D”

    confirmed during the ITB test performed according to PN-EN 12237:2005 and PN-EN 1507:2007
    PIANO-SYSTEM+I ducts are covered with foam. As a result of a chemical reaction, the foam expands and tightly fills the entire space between the carrying duct and the outer casing pipe, ensuring the highest class of tightness available in ventilation – Class “D”. It refers both to round and rectangular pipes. The results of the test performed proved that there is technically no air loss – actually, the loss is within the measurement error limit. Designers choosing PIANO-SYSTEM +I do not have to take into account air losses when selecting air handling units. PIANO-SYSTEM +I pipes integrity not only meets the highest requirements of European standards but even exceeds them!

    ✓ Prevention of condensation and moisture ingress

    Unlike other insulation materials, the polyurethane foam used to insulate the PIANO-SYSTEM +I system guarantees high resistance to water vapour diffusion, which prevents condensation and moisture penetration, which is the main cause of corrosion of pipes and ducts. The ducts can be installed outdoors – they are perfectly tight and rainwater cannot penetrate the insulation layer.

    ✓ No “thermal bridges”

    The foam structure makes the ducts more rigid, improves their resistance to high-pressure deformations caused by high pressure and eliminates the “thermal bridge” phenomenon that occurs in other insulation materials. There are no “thermal bridges” in the PIANO-SYSTEM +I ducts since they are fully covered with foam that expands to tightly fill all spaces between the inner pipe and the casing pipe.

    ✓ Excellent thermal insulation properties

     PIANO-SYSTEM+I ventilation ducts have a thermal transmittance index more than twice lower than the generally used mineral wool, i.e. the foam layer can be over 50% thinner. Initial thermal conductivity of the foam is 10 °C EN 12667 W/m °K 0.020
    The thickness of the foam insulation layer is performed in the range of:

                                                                                                                                                         • 10 mm – 50 mm for round ducts

                                                                                                                                                         • 25 mm-100 mm for rectangular ducts

    ✓ Classification of reaction to fire

    They meet the requirements for building products. The ducts are non-flammable, non-drip and non-spreading fire. They do not fall under the influence of fire. B-s3, d0 in accordance with PN-EN 13501-1:2019-02

    ✓ Increasing the rigidity of the duct without the use of any internal steel bracing

    PIANO-SYSTEM+I ducts, because they are covered with foam which expands as a result of a chemical reaction and tightly fills all spaces between the inner pipe and the outer casing pipe, are extremely rigid and even the ducts with a side of up to 2000 mm do not have to be braced and still do not deform, which has been confirmed by ITB tests. In practice, the ducts with larger cross-sections and bracing may generate an increased level of noise due to expansion and contraction of the steel sheet and the bracing.

    ✓ Significant shortening of the project completion time and lower cost, as well as simple and quick installation

    Faster installation of the pre-insulated system by eliminating many stages of the conventional method including: Installation of ventilation ducts in the building; Welding pins with spacing; Welding or screwing special “Z” spacers to keep the appropriate distance from the insulation wool and to maintain the right angle to drain water; the direct on-site measurement of the sheet metal jacket constructed with appropriate overlaps and seams, and then its installation.
    All these works require additional time, appropriate weather conditions and qualified employees with many years of experience.
    Whereas PIANO-SYSTEM +I is a ready-made product that can be quickly installed in the building.

    ✓ Anti-corrosion – Durability of the coating

    Durability (the components are made of galvanised steel sheet):
    – weight of the zinc coating, g/m2> 275
    – zinc coating thickness, μm 20 (tolerance according to PN-EN 10346)

    No need to use an additional steel jacket, insulation and assembly pins, the welding of which weakens the surface of the sheet.
    PIANO-SYSTEM+I ducts do not need pins welded to the surface of the ventilation duct that would destroy the protective zinc coating or even burn a hole. Moreover, this method does not guarantee a tight adhesion of the insulation wool to the duct surface.

    Typical fittings of the round ducts system:
    – PIANO-SYSTEM SPIRO+I straight ducts
    – PIANO-SYSTEM KS+I segment elbows
    – PIANO-SYSTEM TS+I symmetrical tees
    – PIANO-SYSTEM RSS+I symmetrical segment adapters
    – PIANO-SYSTEM RSA+I asymmetric segment adapters
    – PIANO-SYSTEM CZO+I cross fitting
    – PIANO-SYSTEM N+I nipples
    – PIANO-SYSTEM FO+I caps
    – PIANO-SYSTEM SO+I mesh collars

    Typical fittings of the rectangular ducts system:
    – PIANO-SYSTEM K+I straight ducts;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM BS+I symmetrical elbows;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM BA+I asymmetrical elbows;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM US+I; diffusers/symmetrical adapters
    – PIANO-SYSTEM UA+I; diffusers/asymmetrical adapters
    – PIANO-SYSTEM RS+I symmetrical round/rectangular adapters;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM RA+I asymmetrical round/rectangular reductions adapters;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM TRS+I symmetrical tees;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM TRA+I asymmetric tees;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM TRO+I rectangular tees with round branch duct;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM CZ+I cross fittings;
    – PIANO-SYSTEM ES+I offset pipes;

    – PIANO-SYSTEM F+I lids;

    Katalog- PIANO SYSTEM_EN

    KOT -Prostokątne preizolowane przewody wentylacyjne PIANO SYSTEM_ocr EN

    KOT-Kołowe preizolowane przewody wentylacyjne PIANO SYSTEM_ocr EN

    ATEST HIGIENICZNY_Piano System+I Przewody preizol pianą poliuret o przekroju prostokątnym i kołowym

    KDWU nr 10_2021_Preizolowane przewody wentylacyjne PIANO-SYSTEM+I o przekroju kołowym

    KDWU nr 08_2021_Preizolowane przewody wentylacyjne PIANO-SYSTEM+I o przekroju prostokątnym



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